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Any appliance troubles should be addressed as soon as they come up. If a refrigerator repair is needed, getting it done right away might save the problem from worsening or reaching a point that’s beyond repair. If you need a refrigerator repair in Ontario CA, we’re here for you. We are a Ontario refrigerator repair company with many years of experience.

When it comes to refrigerator repairs, we know exactly what to do. With many years of experience serving the Ontario CA area, our team of licensed repair techs have worked on refrigerators of all makes and models. We have dealt with both newer and older refrigerator parts. Our team also has direct access to refrigerator parts in Ontario CA for both common brands and less popular import models.

No refrigerator problem is uncommon to us. We’ve dealt with everything. Whether it’s a leak, poor temperature control, power loss, or even just a broken icemaker, we’ve already done it. Our repair techs are always ready to help you, providing refrigerator repair in Ontario CA six days a week.

A refrigerator repair is not a job that can be handled by the average Joe. Some issues are simple enough to diagnose, such as checking for proper sealing of the door with a sheet of paper. However, you definitely want to leave any internal diagnosis and refrigerator parts swapping in the hands of a professional. Are you located in the Ontario CA area and stuck with a refrigerator in need of repair? Give us a call and we’ll help you with the solution.

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There are quite a few foods that are commonly refrigerated, even though they shouldn’t be. Tomatoes are a prime example. These should be kept out on the counter, away from direct sunlight. Cold and tomatoes does not mix well whatsoever. The same goes for basil, which is another type of food that is heat-friendly. Potatoes prefer a cool environment, not a cold one. Lastly, onions will have a lot longer life expectancy if they are stored outside of your refrigerator.

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